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Welcome at Fine Flyrods – custom made fly rods by Mike Kühn

My rod building company creates fishing rods for fly fishing in little series and as unique objects which fulfill the strongest demands on the symbiosis between perfect quality and performance as well as exquisite design.

After selecting the very best component parts available a rod will be designed for your specific needs under the motto „Fine Flyrods - not created in a factory!“. In consideration of the specific needs of the customers and my experiences as a rod builder and fly fishing man highly specialized tools will be designed which enhance the experience of fly fishing considerably.



As an example, blanks by CTS, New Zealand are my first choice at the moment. CTS is a very innovative company in Auckland with a fresh approach to blank design and engineering . Thank´s for your interest in my work.

The complete English version of the website is coming soon. In the meantime, please don´t hesitate to contact me for giving a quote or answering any questions.

Tight lines!


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